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Human Resource Idea

A successful enterprise must have a complete organizing structure, competitive core technology, creative enterpriser and managing team and active and harmonious enterprise culture. The enterprise culture is a kind of strength, which, as knowledge economy develops, plays an important, even critical, role in a company’s success. So the competition between the companies, in basic, is the competition of the cultures. The realization of the enterprise culture is in how an enterprise treats itself, others the natural environment it’s in.

To an enterprise, the most important of all is the body of the enterprise culture – human resource.

Now the problem of the human resource in most enterprises is the key problem. A lot of enterprises promise attractive payment to recruit the elites. However, many enterprises are still helpless and angry when talking about the human resource. However effort a enterprise spends, it gets nothing? When enterprisers complain that they are not able to find the people they want, we can’t help saying that however big the world is, there is no elite to find.

 Is it true? Of course not. Just look around and we found there are many job-hoppings and many jobless. So many enterprises don’t want to train their employees; they only want to find the ready-use people. So many undergraduates just want to find well-paid jobs. The difference between the employees and the employers caused the unbalance. In fact, enterprises aren’t lack right human resource. They just don’t find and make good use of the human resource.

The human resource idea of OTAX Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is that right people in the right position. How to achieve this? Training is the answer. All our employees have chances to take different grade training. By training, our employees’ quality is improved to fit their position; the employees’ potentiality is greatly extracted; and thus the company’s value is increased.

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