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Forming section
Forming section produces plastic parts for our company. The section develops a small size to a big section with 24 high precision forming machines (13 Japan-made precision machines, 5 Taiwan-made forming machines and 6 China-made forming machines), 120 workers and 9 technicians. The raw materials are PPS, PBT, POM and nylon etc. We also accept OEM production for the like products.
Our forming machines are monitored with by TVs to strictly control the quality of the products. Besides production, the forming section has various training to the employees and pays great attention to the products quality and the protection of the environment.
Forming section grows bigger as the company expands.

Forming Machines
Well-lined machines room

Punching Section
The punching materials are copper or copper alloy. The thickness of the materials are between 0.08 and 1.6mm. The punching products are of great variety.
Punching section has 2 world most advanced, highly precise BEAT-40T and KYORI-50T high-speed punching machines separately, (monthly production reaches 30 million) and 3 C model FD-60T punching machines (each has 20 to 30 thousand productivity monthly), 6 other punching machines, 24 other main equipments and over 40 sets of moulds. As the company expands the company’s structure changes, punching section has the ability to take OEM orders.
Punching Section is the company’s key department made up of over 100 employees. Among them 10 are technicians, and the employees with high school education takes up 85% and the average age is 23.
Guided by the ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standards, the punching section will the follow the guide of the company to achieve prosperous target.

Punching Products

Fast-running punching machines

Big punching machine
Punching and cutting machine

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