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Part of this series complied with RoHS requests,for example NNTD51、NNTN51、NPF03-1

[ Contact resistance ] Initial contact resistance is 50mΩ max on the conditions of DC2V 10mA.
[ insulation Voltage ] For 1 minute at AC500V between the insulation terminals at normal voltage and the terminals grounded ,it will be ok
[ Insulation resistance ] DC100V 100MΩ min
[ Humidity resistance ] For 236-244 hours at the temperature of 37-43centigrade and the relative humidity of 90%~95% then placed in the moist room for 30 minute after dried ,the insulationn resistance was 10MΩ min
[ salt spray resistance ] For 96 hours at the atmosphere 4-6% saltwater at temperature of 47--53 centigrad then wiped salt soak, for six-hour air-dry at the temperature of 57 centigrade , without electrify and rusting.
[ Electrical Life ] 5000 operations at rated voltage and current
[ Mechanical Life]5,000 cycles at no load
[ Angle of tilt ] 26-30
[ Heat resistance ] For 96 hours at the temperature of 97~103,it will not bring Unusual electrical properties, insulation material deformation and crackle, and other anomalies
[ Cold resistance ] For 96 hours at the temperature of the (-43)-(-37) ,it will not bring unusual electrical properties,insulation material deformation and crackle ,other anomalies.
[vibration resistance ] 10-55 HZ with 1.5 mm amplitude for 1 minute as 1 cycles shall be applied for 2 hours to each of 3 mutually perpendicular axis,the switch will be fine.
[ Shock resistance ] it shall withstand acceleration of 50G when install on the surface of the elecrtronic board.
[ Gas test ] For 48 hours at the temperature of 40 centigrade,the H2S thickness of 0.7-1.3 ppm,it will not abnormality.
[ operating temperature rang ] -20--+80

Ultra-miniature size provides lightweight and space saver.
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