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 Electroplating Section
In December 1997, Electroplating Section invested 1.5 million USD to purchase the large sealed continuous surface treatment machine from Japan for the plate electroplating. This machine now uses the most advanced technologies from Britain and Japan. The chemicals used in the production line are controlled by the automatic sensor. The waste gas is pumped out in the sealed pipe so that the workshop is clean. The electroplating workshop needs only 2 workers to operate the machine but the output reaches 30 million.
The electroplating workshop has 3 technicians working in the nickel, gold and tin electroplating. To ensure the products quality, company invested 400 thousand to purchase X-ray film thickness tester to test the electroplating. The electroplating workshop has the special lab and equipments (eg. electric crucible, electronic balance and Hull cell) to analyze the electroplating solution.

In the production, company imported the automatic waste water treatment machine, pure water producer and waste gas treatment equipments from Japan to deal with the waste water and gas after electroplating. (Started working with the electroplating production line.) It’s our target to discharge the treated waste water. We have environment professionals, who were qualified in training held by the municipal environment protection bureau, to work on the waste water treatment.
Precision X-ray film thickness tester
38-meter long sealed electroplating production line
Japan imported pure water producer
Automatic waste water treatment machine

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