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 Tooling Section  
Tooling Section designs and processes tools for the company and outside clients. The section now has the world most advanced fine wire cutters, sparkle welders, lathes, millers, grinder, and drillers.
The tooling section has a special team with higher education and rich experiences. The R&D department uses Pro/e2000i, UG, Master CAM, CAD and AIP10 engineering software. The use of CAD/CAM engineering software ensures the design and development of the tooling and the new products. And helps ensure the products’ precision, quality, and efficiency, the modern manufacture requirements.
The tooling section designs and produces all the tools to produce plastics and hardware parts that the company needs but also design and produce tools for outside clients.
Precise equipments and professional designers are the bases that we win our clients.
Corner of the designing room
Tooling Workshop
The Japan-made miller equipped with the precise electronic ruler
The designers are research the designing solution
The Advanced Fine Wire Cutter

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