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 Assembling Section

The assembling section is the ouput base of the company’s products. There are well-planned and tidy semi-automatic or fully-automatic production lines in the section. Under the regulations of 8S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, Save, Safe and Speed), ISO9001 and ISO14001, the workers in the section are well trained and united. There are over one thousand workers working in the spacious, bright and clean workshops.
The tasks of the assembling section aer to assemble the parts into half-made and complete products according to QC engineering drawing and the related work guidelines.
According to the products different functioning, there 4 sections in the department. Section I assembles AX, PZ and POGPIN series. Section II assembles N, VL, V, L and U series. Section III assembles KH, KS, KU and BD series rotary switches. Section IV assembles REAR, PS, PF and 5 in 1 connectors. Section V assembles ATN, MCB, ET and GA series. Section IV works on the checking and cleaning in the production.

Assembling Workshop
Assembling Worksho
Busy Assembling Workshop
Automatic machine is working
Busy Assembling Workshop
automatic machine

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